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dot_class_snark's Journal

Rejects from the Junior Libertarian Squad
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Inspired by saurophaganax, we bring you dot_class_snark, sister of dot_race_snark and daughter of dot_cattiness.

This is the place to make fun of people who think that poverty means shopping at Target, that all poor people are lazy, that a six-figure income puts them in the middle class, or that any woman who gives birth is an irresponsible slut unless she has enough money in savings to cover 18 years of private school and at least one pony per child.

This is not the place to lecture us for our cruelty to poor little rich girls, deny the existence of social privilege, insist that you're not racist "except about those people," encourage attacks on your sworn enemy's personal journal, or start pissy little bitchfights about abortion, welfare, or any other pet issue.

Your moderators are catamorphism and cumaeansibyl, both of whom reserve the right to ban anyone for any of the above offenses plus poor grammar, failing to be funny, or accidentally posting when they're having a bad day. This is not a democracy and your opinion has no value unless we say it does. If you don't like it, go cry to your au pair, dot_warmfluffy, or dot_hugs.

The rules are posted here. If you can't recite them from memory when asked, there will be beatings.
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